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  • About us

    iKelvin is a high-tech enterprise focusing on life science industry and providing innovative low-temperature control products and solutions. Our vision is to first build the technologies of automated freezing and thawing, storage and transportation of biological samples, and then further expand to the whole process of collection, processing, storage, and application of biological samples, and to build a biological sample industrialization system of fully automatic operation, informationization of the whole process, big data management, intelligent operation, and clinical-level application.


    Sample Processing Equipment

    Ultra-fast cooling technology: exclusive contact cooling………

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    Storage & Transportation Equipment

    The temperature zone can be adjusted; the real deep and low………

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    Biobanking Consumables; Cell Culture Products; Liquid Handing; Filters;…

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    Public Health & Safety

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    Other Temp Control Products

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    Services & Solutions

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